Wednesday 1 February 2017

Oh my goodness

How poor is that, months have passed and another year is 1/12th over already.

Winter is a wretched time and usually there's not much to report anyway but actually over the Christmas break quite a bit of gardening got done. A huge amount of oca was gathered in for the Guild of Ocabreeders and that took a lot of time. When I wasn't doing that I was helping Mr. Catofstripes gather as much wood as we could find to replenish the rapidly diminishing wood pile. It was a cold old holiday.

I also managed get overwintering onions and garlic planted and we did some rather fancy dead-hedging work to help protect the new orchard and vegetable area from deer. Some hope!

Back in the UK for a break all my time has been taken up with shepherding the Guild into a new season. The results are now gathered for the 2016 harvest and the doors have been opened for new members, read all about it here.  Perhaps you might like to give it a go this year?

seeds oct

There has been a certain amount of retail therapy, these are just a few of the new seeds I've bought. Every year I tell myself off for all the wastage but as vices go, it's relatively benign. I've also sourced most the seed potatoes now and ordered them as well as some more onion sets.  What I haven't bought (yet) are any Rocoto chilli seeds despite finding a new company selling a wide range. There's still time.