Friday 13 October 2017

Friday the 13th


Summer which had gone too soon has returned briefly on the tail of Hurricane Ophelia which is pulling warm air up from Portugal and Spain to give us a few days of delightful weather. I'm making the most of it where I can and hoping that the late blooming oca will set some seeds before the frosts arrive.

sweet chestnut

Foraging today for sweet chestnuts produced a good haul. I'd take more but we rarely use them all and although I always mean to set the germinating leftovers out in the hedgerows I've yet to complete the task successfully. It seems wasteful. Perhaps I should cut out the storage in the middle and take some chestnuts straight to where I'd like another tree. We have three good trees in our hedgerow already but it wouldn't hurt to start another generation and the wood is good for fencing if the trees prove poor croppers.

Untitled collage

Still lots of late butterflies including some Clouded Yellows.