Seed Swaps 2015

Welcome to the Seed swap page for 2015. I'm only offering to growers in the UK and EU as I'm not sure of border controls for other countries . Happy to send out to people with nothing to swap and hope you will pass the favour on to others. Please email me catofstripes[at]gmail[dot]com  to make your requests. In view of the current sticky legal situation regarding seeds in the EU at the moment this is a friendly exchange mechanism between amateurs and no money or benefits other than good will can result from the transaction.

Seed quantity and quality will be the very best I can do but this is not a commercial operation and I can make no warranty on the viability of the seed or the outcome of anything you might receive from me and grow on. Having said that, if I do send you duds please let me know (nicely) as information is everything and will help me get my act together in the future.

Always interested in what people have to exchange, if you have lots of items to swap let me have a link to publish here to help others find you.
Seeds on offer

 Irish Preans - oddly large seeded drying pea with small black scar which makes it look like a field or small broad bean. The plants are tall and vigorous with bi-coloured purple pink flowers.

Carlins - very old pigeon pea. Easy to grow and dry.

Starley Road Red Peas - Dwarf French kidney beans selected for use in Caribbean cooking. Strong growing, prone to lodging so best supported.

Striped Bunch - Half runner type, finger length round green pods, pretty seeds, won the taste test here this year for cooked beans and allegedly good for pickles.

Other things may be available as the season progresses so check back here again later.