Sunday 28 May 2006

Still packing

With less than a week to go now you'd think everything would be well under control.

Some things are, the cat is now pretty much sorted with just another couple of hundred pills to pick up during the week from the vet. I've been through the airing cupboard (an epic task in itself) and sorted out some bedding and towels to take with us. I've have three lists covering such diverse subjects as doing the company tax return before I leave to remembering to take a new shower head for the bathroom.

But I still feel unprepared and am not prepared.

Tasks I should do today; sort out the greenhouses for the long absence, take a quick spin around the allotments for a final onslaught on the bindweed, sort out my office and pack a painting kit to take, clean the entire house from top to bottom (why? because I must) and there is no end to it...

Part of my problem is that we won't have room to take much with us on this crossing. The plan, still the plan, is that we'll bring stuff over in a van but that keeps getting delayed for one reason or another. There is no hurry but I'm beset with a awful sense of urgency that saps my soul.

The cat doesn't care.


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