Friday 25 August 2006

French Beans

“Picked the first beans from the patch I sowed in June today. About 8 weeks from sowing to harvest by my calculations, not bad.”

That was Wednesday, today I picked another good handful and there are plenty more to come. Lots of pumpkins and squashes too and the leeks I planted with Maggie are making good growth with all the rain we’ve had.

sweet dumpling

Not having broadband is beginning to be a big problem. It’s been a while since I had a telephone bill and I’m worrying that it will be enormous, so much so that I’m reluctant to spend the time online uploading pictures and updating this blog. I don’t think I’m spending much more than 2 euros a day but it soon mounts up and that barely gives me time to blink for Cix and email, with no time to browse the web or spend hours online with the web communities as I used to. My problem wouldn’t be so great if I could control my need for constantly checking to see if I’ve received any mail. There is nothing more disappointing than to discover cents wasted on downloading spam when personal mail is expected. I’ve also been prey to false hopes for telephone calls with several wrong numbers and a cold caller today. If I sound suspicious when I answer the phone, don’t be offended, it’s just that I am!

Paul’s Mum is coming over for a visit at the end of next week. Suddenly it’s become important to make the place look homely and comfortable. Not much chance of that but with the help of my last house guest, Anne, who kindly stripped the wallpaper from the middle downstairs room for me I shall have a go to get the walls painted cleanly and put up some curtains to make a downstairs bedroom for her.

At last the weather has become more summery although it’s terribly cold in the mornings. The wind has dropped, the sun is out and the clouds have stopped threatening and become fluffy and friendly again. It may even be dry enough to cut the grass. Wonder why I thought having a lawnmower was such a good idea.

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