Saturday 30 September 2006



The deer are very active at the moment, it’s the time of year when a young deer’s thoughts turn to sex. Each night the forest echoes with the amazing roars and calls of the animals as they stake their turf, castigate their enemies and discipline their women.

Normally all you can register of this activity is the sound and I wish I could record it, it is easily as impressive as whale song, varied and surprising. Last night I noticed a herd with stag had wandered into the near field (by that same old perry pear tree) but the light was quite insufficient to photograph them, I got a lot of black frames.

However, they were still here this morning. No battery in the camera and I thought I’d lost my chance but the males are supremely confident and with them around the females are fairly calm. I had time to get the battery and go back out to where they were. They had only moved about 150 metres away and I damn my camera for being inadequate.

Still if proof was needed we have deer, here it is.


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