Wednesday 18 October 2006

One day in History

A Blog about a Blog.

Paul heard about this and told me and a load of veggies on Cix, so now I’m telling you.

It’s a project by the British Library to collect blog/diary entries for the 17th October 2006 and store them for future reference. Make the 17th October HISTORY. Record your blog here

This is my entry:

It wasn't a great day yesterday - I saw no news, heard no radio, talked to nobody in person. I wasn't even in the UK but at my farm in Northern France. I dug out some encroaching brambles, planted some bulbs and did a little tidying up but the weather was dull and I lacked motivation to achieve many of the week's goals. I spent a good deal of time on the Internet, mainly in a private conferencing system (Cix) and partly on the flickr photo archiving service. There is a problem with my internet email which I'm trying to track down with the help of Cix support but we're not getting far. I took part in discussions about lack of butterfly habitat, driving and ferry ports in France, Avicenna's proof of God. And I cursed the fact that I don't have broadband and must do all my internet connections via a slow telephone line and modem. I did no painting at all.

It’s possible to read other people’s entries although I haven’t done, that old lack of bandwidth problem. You have until the end of the month to record your day.

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