Monday 11 February 2008

New Shoes

new shoes

We're going to a wedding in April. I've got the shoes, now all I need is the outfit.

High pressure and blue skies mean that I've been out in the greenhouses looking over the devastation of the dreadful season. In amongst the death and detritus I've found the eddoes, planted with such hope and fanfare last year. This experiment wasn't the success I'd hoped for. The plants were abandoned for a lot of the summer and lack of water and the poor sunshine meant they only just managed to keep themselves alive without any spare energy to grow new tubers. I've cleaned them up and replanted them in the warm and will try treating them a little more gently this year, feeding and cossetting to see if it's possible to get any crop at all.

I also found these hyacinths


which were planted up from heat treated bulbs before xmas. They're looking rather good although the white plants are racing ahead of the blue ones which is a shame.

That poor old black cat is still with us, learning to deal with his blindness to an extent but rather sad and depressed with the situation. He's stopped waking us in the night, something he had been doing frequently with all the power of his Siamese genes enhanced lungs. We're not really sure why, I can only think that in the darkness he doesn't want to draw attention to himself in case there are predators. He's eating and enjoys being groomed. We're keeping our fingers crossed for him.


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