Monday 17 March 2008





17 out of 26 seeds sown have germinated, not bad for old seed, although there's not going to be much of a crop for eating this year, with luck there will be plenty of seed to sow for next year's harvest.

Already looking too tall and weedy I meant to put the seedlings out into the greenhouse today but a cold cold night is forecast and I don't want them to freeze. I'll have to nip the tips out in a day or two when one or two more nodes have formed, but didn't they do well?


Anonymous said...

That's very good for old seed! I got 100% germination with my new seed which i was blown away about; they do seem to go tall and gangly VERY quickly. I didn't know you nipped them out that quickly; thanks for the tip. Mine are outside in huge pots now with buddleia tripods to grow up looking much happier for having more room to grow in.....

Catofstripes said...

Peas are best sown directly where they are to grow but of course when you only have a few seed that's risky. In plenty of light they should stay sturdy so now yours are outside I expect they'll be fine. Good luck.