Tuesday 29 April 2008



A little less joyful, if that's possible.

The computer problems aren't really solved, more papered over. With the purchase of a new mouse and keyboard I can use an old machine and access the internet using XP or Linux as I fancy but I'm irritated more than anything about the peculiar problem with the other PC which has driven me to this and hate the feeling of fractured mail records, broken databases and data indiscriminately scattered around on a number of disks, only accessible by physical rewirings.

The weather has broken. We had a very pleasant warm weekend while Paul was here but now a lot of rain, some of it working its way through the roof, cold and gloomy when I should be outside getting stuff done.

I think the swallows may have given up and gone elsewhere. I've not seen them again for a couple of days.

The dump at St. Lo is reassuringly unreconstructed. I did a semi-annual trip today and took my five bin liners of unrecyclable rubbish and plastic waste to limbo. There was a school trip taking the tour while I was there but they were unimpressed by my Englishness and barely glanced my way as I hurled the bags over the precipice.

And I'm feeling very lonely and without any clear plans.

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