Wednesday 27 August 2008


I think Ed at The Slow Cook has put into words a description that at least partly matches my mood today. Everything keeps happening, everything is the same, there is so much to do.

Busy Busy

Some of the problem has to do with losing my focus; I'm not sure what the aim is, what the end result should be, how to reconcile what I do with what I hope for. So it's no longer possible to assign a weight to the importance of any particular task. There are plenty of directions to take and an inkling of the future in my putative list of plants for next spring, our vague plans for ground breaking and rotations but nothing seems more pressing than anything else and faced with so many apparently equal and competing pressures on my time I cannot move in any direction.

So much for the online therapy.

What happened today is that I mowed some grass, this was so much easier than I expected I wonder why I didn't get around to it sooner. There were some small lizards on the grass heap, nice to see as we'd seen none so far this year.

In the field I discovered several broods, if that's the right word, of peacock butterfly caterpillars. They have escaped immortality on flickr because they are almost impossible to photograph. I've tried three times now with two cameras and each time there is just an amorphous mass of black wriggly to look at, nothing clear at all. I'm not even entirely sure they are Peacock larvae, Red Admirals also lay eggs on nettles and the few pictures I've googled are not definitive or may even be incorrectly identified. Maybe it's just as well that I can't add to the confusion there.

Meadow grasshopperScorpion FlyGround BeetleFlies

Here are some more of Paul's insect pictures, click through to see the large sizes.

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