Wednesday 31 December 2008

To Old Acquaintances and Happier Days


I've been trying hard to climb out of this pit of despondency, each time I get half way up the slope the rain starts and washes me back to the bottom again. It's cold down here, and very muddy. Enough to make anyone cry.

Been trying to formulate the words for this blog entry. I wanted big plans, empire building, hope, light at the end of the tunnel, enormous erections and all the rest. Couldn't find any of those words but this evening, waiting for the clock to tick over and after a bottle and a half of good wine at least I have the energy to start.

So where to next? If only the weather would turn the corner into warmth the pull of the spring tide might drag me along. Seedlings of hope, blind faith in the future exhibited by all nature, the tingle of sunlight in my veins. I yearn for these things.

That's not to say that the weather now is not fit for the season, clear and crisp and cold it should be bracing. It's also killing plant pathogens and discouraging pests. A silver lining masked by the frosty indifference of winter but essentially I was built for a Mediterranean climate. I want to kick my shoes off and run on the sands of summer.

There is a big birthday coming for me in October. It's undeniably time I got a grip. Resolutions are futile and I regularly resolve not to make any but this year, this year really must go somewhere.

Happy New Year. Normal self sufficency blogging will be resumed soon, probably, but for the moment I want to reach out to anyone there and say Hello for new beginnings.


joker the lurcher said...

hello from over here - and i can only second the wish for new beginnings. our year was tough but with some good and special things. i feel so much more optimistic now we are into the lengthening days again and the turn of the year. we face challenges as always but i feel more able to cope than i have for a while. today is the first day of a month without alcohol for me (quite a feat for someone who loves wine as much as i do!) but i want to get some clarity and get a bit fitter too so here goes!

thank you for all these recommendations - i am going to try some seeds i have left from last year and previous years but i will also look out for the ones you suggest. i am looking forward to planting your carlins - they have been waving at me in my desk all winter! when should they go in?

joker the lurcher said...

ps - i just re-read your post and thought how wonderful your paragraph about tunnels and enormous erections sounded!

Catofstripes said...

Hello Joker, a month without alcohol sounds a good plan, perhaps I'll give that a go myself, haven't taken the pledge for years. Good luck.

Carlins - can't remember when I started mine last year but I think it was a little bit early. They were climbing out of their pots. I think you'll be o.k. at the end of March on the south coast but hang onto a few seeds just in case. (or I have loads more if there is a total disaster! Let me know)

Can't imagine /what/ was on my mind when I wrote that paragraph. Glad you like it :)

Anonymous said...

A very happy new year to you!, I have twin boys on the way in March (maybe sooner) so it will all be change this year. The wife is very much looking forward to a year off work with the boys and I'm rather jealous!.

With the current pound/euro exchange rate and the twins on the way my own plans of a house in France have taken a step backward, but I am ever hopeful of the future!.

Catofstripes said...


Twins?!*! Congratulations, respect and good luck!

Don't give up on having your place in France too quickly. If you have any money at all it's a great time to buy. Prices are right down and people are desperate.

Just be very choosy. You need somewhere in reasonable nick so you don't have to spend too much time working on it and can be comfortable while you're there. Not too big, because managing a huge garden from a distance is very disheartening and haggle for all you are worth. If they won't meet your price, let it go. You'll find your haven.