Sunday 28 June 2009

Kitten Diary #7

Which I'm just going to hijack for a moment to thank everyone for the thoughtful and lovely comments on my Digression post. Rather than try to make a decent reply in the cramped confines of the comment box I'm going to mull it over for a bit and do another post in about a week, but I'm really touched and grateful for your responses.

crow in the long grass

It was kitten weighing day yesterday which task I managed to complete before I hit the bottle (hence the youtube links) and I'm pleased to report all the beasts put on a useful amount of weight. They're still growing, yay!

Rook: 4.531 kg
Crow: 3.960 kg
Raven: 3.324 kg

They're still catching stuff too, although thankfully and fingers crossed no more birds since the last diary. I was horrified to find one of them had caught a grass snake and left it on the floor in my office. It looked really gruesome, I took a picture but I don't want anyone to be ill so only click here if you've a strong stomach and a ghoulish nature. The worst is yet to come, gingerly I picked the poor dead thing up by the tip of its tail to dispose of it and it came back to life!

It didn't look too well though. I put it into the long grass by the pond and it wriggled away, I hope it found a hiding place to die in or recover (they are remarkably hardy and I've seen some with tremendous scars) where the cats couldn't bother it. It's not come back in at any rate.

raven the princess

Such terrible terrible creatures who are so soft and warm and cuddly when they're in bed with me you couldn't believe they could be such callous killers.

They all have their preferred places to sleep on the bed. Crow likes to curl up near my head, ideally with his head or paws on my hands. Rook prefers to get into the bed and rest his head on my shoulder, often putting his paws around my neck. Raven rarely gets into the bed but sits on my chest, often flopping down so trustfully that she would roll right off again if I didn't catch her. They match this behaviour at my desk, Crow sleeps on the keyboard, Raven snuggles cosily on my lap and Rook tries to burrow his way into my neck and cleavage until he feels completely safe. Funny little things.

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