Sunday 19 July 2009

Kitten Diary #8

kittens hunting
Kittens hunt in single file

The weather's been pretty poor for the last few days and I've been huddled up indoors by the computer wasting time while the kittens have been going stir crazy. The doors are left open for them but the unpredictability of the showers and occasional presence of Jack has left them less than keen to go outside without an escort. Grumpy and plump little cats have resulted.

This evening the wind dropped, the rain dispersed and we took a turn around the farm buildings.

demon rook
Rook in demon mode

They run like little racehorses around me, bounding over the lawns and into the vegetable patches, paws thundering and tails flying to drop instantly into positions of repose where they can catch their breath until I reach them again.

the black shadow
Raven poses with her fluffy shadow

Then they're off once more, up trees, under foliage, stalking me through the long grass. I walk with slow measured steps so that they have time to do double, triple my distance in sprints and flurries, kissing each other's noses to make sure they're still friends then pouncing from behind when attention is diverted.

crow sharpens
Crow sharpens his claws in readiness

A final investigation around the pond and it's indoors for kitten breakfast, a ritual meal taken any time of the day I need them indoors, but at the moment this is usually about ten o'clock at night. A little bit of exercise should mean we all get a better night's sleep.


ICQB said...

We have cats who go for walks with us too. One of them always wants to follow on big walks with the dog. People are always amazed to see cats going for walks, but I've always had cats who love to go exploring with me when I step outside.

Catofstripes said...

It's lovely they want to come out with me although I worry about what will happen when we get back to civilisation, they've not got much experience of traffic.

La BĂȘte said...

Wow. And I mean WOW, but in letters 50 feet high. Those kittens are fantastic. Just wonderful. More pictures please!

Catofstripes said...

Hi Bete,

Just for you, and because she's adorable I've put some pictures of Raven playing with us last night in a new diary post. I tried to get the boys interested but Rook is too lazy and Crow was off in the field killing small rodents.

joker the lurcher said...

you write so well it is like we are there! and the photos are lovely (don't tell joker!)

Catofstripes said...

Thanks Joker.