Monday 3 August 2009

This and that

Not really sure what to write about tonight.

first tomatoes

It could be that I picked the first of the tomatoes on the 1st August. Sooner and better than last year but not that much earlier given the much better weather conditions. These are Latah, bought from Realseeds, taste quite nice but not exceptional. I'm looking forward to the Purple Ukraine and the Scotland Yellow which both have lots of green fruit that's nearly ripe.

young whangaparoa crown

The Whangaparoa Crown are making lots of babies, this is the biggest one. Looks like it might be a successful year for them.


I pulled the onions. Despite the downy mildew they're not too bad, enough for a few months at least. We're also digging the spuds and feeling extremely pleased with them. Big tubers, little or no blight or disease.


Finally spotted a Tortoiseshell butterfly, yumming up the flowers of the catmint. More butterfly pictures in my flickr set here which shows some that are new for this year and examples from previous years.

resting kittens

Kittens, exhausted after a long run. They are having a wonderful summer and are thoroughly charming, if murderous, little friends.

Looking forward to visitors next month, incentive to get a load of stuff done! Can't be bad.

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