Monday 19 April 2010

Pe Po Belly Bum Drawers

So I went to Sweden and the world went mad!

My flight home is cancelled, Ryanair have put me on hold and it doesn´t look like I´ll be able to get back to the UK and from there to France for another couple of weeks. So much for a late start to the season, this is going to be a catastrophically slow start for everything...

Still, as has become my wont, I´ve taken to asking the Universe via the Internet for assistance and it has often responded, sooner or later. Please get me home.

Next task, to find a way to unload the many lovely pictures I´ve taken here and occupy my unexpected downtime with something useful.

And I have managed to get a few seeds although none of them are truly Swedish. I have been promised some Ramson seeds though, which will make a good addition to the alliums when I finally get back.

Wish me luck.

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