Monday 17 May 2010

Bean and gone

martock flowers

Still cold but beginning to warm up at last. I hope we have a long lingering Indian summer to allow everything to finish growing before the cold comes back again.

Potatoes are just starting to poke their heads up and I've planted out the first of the tomato plants. Half a dozen of the washed out peas are now germinated and if only I could get the rotavator fixed I could probably plant them out too. Looks like a hand digging job.

Something I'd never seen so clearly before appeared when I moved some covers from a patch I was about to dig. A mouse dunny, complete with little bits of grass to wipe their bums! Rather sweet in a disgusting sort of way. Despite the best efforts of the cats we still seem to have plenty of small rodents in residence. I'm just hoping the abundant food supply will help feed the young of the owls who seem unusually quiet and absent this season.

The Martock beans, pictured at the top of the post, are the closest thing we have to a potential crop at this time, if you discount the last leeks from last year now engaged in a race to produce flowers, but it's still going to be a wait before there's much to eat there. Rhubarb and Good King Henry are also available but there's a limit to how much any person can consume of those excellent foods. The hungry gap is all too true.

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