Wednesday 7 July 2010

Peas peas me

It can't be said that I'm a pea aficionado like Rebsie Fairholm but this year I am trying a couple of varieties from the Heritage Seed Library; Beltony Blue and Irish Preans.

Of course, in my usual cack handed way I let the newly planted seeds get washed out of their pots before they'd even had a chance to germinate so it's just as well that peas are self fertile as when I shoved them back in, after draining off about 10 gallons of flood water, the two sorts were well and truly mixed.

beltony blue flower

Also luckily for this gormless gardener the peas are distinctive enough that I shall be able to separate them again. The Beltony Blue are flowering and forming pods already. Pretty flowers as in the picture above and purple pods as below.

beltony blue pod

By comparison the Irish Preans are way behind, big fleshy plants that seem to be slow growing and have not yet started to flower. In fact, due to their late start I'm a bit concerned they won't make it at all but the fantastic weather we're having will, I hope, keep them growing strongly enough to catch up. I'll take some pictures as soon as they've something to show. The green pods will distinguish them from the Blues which will be a relief at seed saving time.

sex mad beetles on carrot flowers

I left these carrots to flower, not so much for the seed as for the foliage, hoping we would get swallowtail caterpillars (and butterflies) again this year. It's a bit early yet perhaps but the flowers were being much enjoyed by some randy beetles. Lucky sods.


Robert Brenchley said...

My preans are being very slow as well. Plenty of time yet though! Beltony Blue is going well, if I can keep the pigeons off long enough to get some seed.

Catofstripes said...

Luckily, pigeons haven't found my plot yet, or maybe the cats keep them off.

It's so hot here I'm not sure the growth of anything is typical, the peas are very short for example, although they are supposed to be six footers.

The mice have found the potatoes though.