Saturday 25 September 2010

Kitten Diary #11

raven and crow

Not sure where my enthusiasm for growing has gone. I have plans for a post about this year's failures, perhaps that's what's cramping my style. Anyway, here are some pictures of the pets, some creatures I nearly always have enthusiasm for.

Raven and Crow have a love hate relationship. He is needy and bit jealous of my attention so will jump on her if she's sitting with me but she takes it all very personally hissing and lashing out with annoyance. He has no sense and then pursues her all around the house instead of giving her time to calm down. At other times though they curl up together like the loving siblings they are.

my boys

This picture was taken as we were about to leave for a walk in the woods. The boys and I had got as far as the edge of the forest when we heard Madam Raven crying behind us. So we waited and called, and she sat there and cried and in the end we went back for her and a cup of tea instead. Which was just as well as the rain came down in buckets just as we got inside. It's not what was in her fluffy head though, she just wanted to make us pay attention to her.

cross rook

The feral cat is still about. We nearly walked into it yesterday morning and the boys saw it off while Raven slipped past me and pretended to be doing something else entirely.

cross crow

I don't think they are very concerned by it, some puffed up fur and cross expressions seem to be all that's needed to keep it under control.

raven hunting

Madam is enjoying chasing butterflies here. Such a naughty cat.


reverse phone lookup said...

Reminds me of the card game Rook. They are so beautiful and Raven and Crow are well suited for them!

Berto said...

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I wish their mine.
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Anonymous said...

My cat Alice is a black short hair domestic. She looks alot like Raven and Crow except Alice does not have long fur on her tail or underbelly. I love cats too.!
~Butterfly of 4