Tuesday, 7 December 2010


ice leaves 2

It will be little surprise to anyone to learn that we've been having a bit of weather recently. More particularly, very cold weather.

Plans to head back to France for a late autumn clear up, garlic planting and car rescue have been put on hold indefinitely. Harvest of the oca has been abandoned. It's really all rather depressing.

It probably won't surprise anyone that I'm not going to participate in any seed sharing this year. Hopefully things will get back to normal in 2011 - I certainly hope so.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for subjects they'd like to read a blog on, I'd be very grateful for the inspiration.


Jeff said...

Very nice photo!

N. Cider said...

That is a pretty picture. Thanks for sharing.
You have a great blog here.

Ratri Anugrah said...

hey i love the pic :)
and umm..cold weather, i wish i could enjoy that one. we have summer all the time lol

jelly beans said...

nice photo! greetings from Barcelona.


Inspector Clouseau said...

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