Monday 24 January 2011

My Dreams are Seedy

It might look like I never write blog entries any more, but I do. It's just getting them from my head to web always seems like such hard work.

Anyway, at the moment my thought are often composed of fantasies about the growing season ahead and the seeds I plan to use to create it. My chosen main seed supplier this year is Chiltern Seeds. They are a very well established company and I have used their catalogues as learning material for more years than I can remember, whether I care to or not. This year they happen to have a number of my favourite reliable varieties in their vegetable section and this will form a backbone of an order which will undoubtedly grow in oddness and magnificence when I actually come to write it. Having finally lost our old cardoons to the winter I will be buying more seeds of them, along with burdock and sea kale.

Of course, I've also started gathering seeds in other ways. The Heritage seed library selection arrived a couple of days ago and I'm thrilled to have been lucky enough to receive some more Irish Preans. We really enjoyed the handful of pods we managed to harvest last year before the deer got them so this year I will be growing them in the protected back garden patch with due diligence.

The local garden centre was having a half price sale of seeds as well, so I have stocked up with stuff from Suttons and T&M via that route. Nothing exotic of course, but chard, onions, more asparagus and artichoke seeds to extend our beds of those and wild flower seeds.

As usual I will spend more money and end up with far more seed than I need, but it's such fun. Are you planning any special growing treats for yourself this summer?

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