Saturday 6 August 2011

Is it autumn already?


After finding the huge bloom of ceps last week we thought we'd take a wander around our field margins to see if there were any more. There weren't but we found copious quantities of chanterelles and this old hazel trunk fully laden with delicious oyster mushrooms.

It's raining again today. A bit of a pity as Paul is here and we'd hoped to do some outside work together, but if the fungus season has started so completely it might just bring on a crop of giant puffballs and they are our favourites.


The first fruits on the Gezahnte B├╝hrer-Keel have ripened. So pretty and they taste good too. The seeds for these were sent to me by my Flickr friend Herbi Ditl who as well as being very generous and a vegan takes some very fine photos, so you should have a look at his stream.



Keif said...

It's like the inside of a skull when having a hangover! =D

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful looking fruit. What did it taste like?