Monday 3 June 2013

Buttercup and Daisy


The promised sunshine is here and it's very nice but it's still awfully cold for the time of year with a constant northerly to north easterly breeze that sucks the heat out of every thing. I shouldn't complain, it's not a bad temperature for working in and I've been able to dig a patch and plant out the oca, ulluco and yacon which are all looking fairly comfortable if a bit tiny in their new quarters.

In the same patch I have a couple of wigwams for French beans (also South American), a small patch of tuberous rooted pea (Lathyrus tuberosus) and some very unhappy Chinese artichokes which have been languishing in weedy pots for 18 months after I gave up on gardening last year. I'm hoping these strong growing members of the family Lamiaceae, related to mints and other thuggish plants will pull through now they're in good ground again.


I've also been planting up some ornamentals, pots for around the front door and a small flower bed near the picnic table area. Even there I've included some veg. Irish Prean peas and some achocha share a wigwam near to tansy, sunflowers and some annuals which I hope will come up in time.


We did have a little bit of excitement on Saturday. One of the young horses from next door managed to get through the fence and into my field. She didn't go far and really wanted to get back to the others but couldn't work out how. I hadn't noticed; I often hear the horses calling to each other in the mornings, but as I ate breakfast a posse turned up to collect her.

So I had my introduction to the stud owner and some of his staff. The yearling was caught quite quickly and seemed unhurt and unworried by the adventure and the nice people said I should go down to the stud and see the other horses some time. I'd like to do that very much but I'm probably too shy.


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