Monday 5 August 2013

Gone fishing

dirty little cat

Well I'm here, but I'm not here.

The deer ate the oca, not pleased about that. They seem to have no taste for ulluco or yacon but then, I've not been growing those here quite as long. Perhaps in another year or two they'll realise they can eat those too. I've tidied up and watered the stumps. Maybe there will be enough for next year's seed but I was hoping for a proper nutritional crop this year. Oh well.

Garden Tiger moth

We had been fretting over a perceived lack of butterflies but there's been a spell of excellent warm dry weather and nearly all the locals have now put in an appearance with the exception of the blues and coppers. The tiger moth was out at night which isn't unheard of but we usually find them in the daytime so this fine specimen was nice to capture. For a while we were worried that we'd seen no ladybirds this year but yesterday I spotted one on the teasels which is a relief. I hope she found a friend.

sun through clouds

Anyway for the moment I'm hosting my husband while he works on his next big thing so don't expect much from us for a few weeks.. You can catch a glimpse of his work here.

There are pictures on twitter most days. See you soon.

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