Tuesday 15 October 2013

Selecting suppliers

late cosmos

I'm falling out with the big internet suppliers at the moment. Even using Flickr has become fraught since Yahoo started to tinker with it. Their latest modifications leave me with no easy way of embedding my pictures here despite being a fully paid up member. I've looked at other photo solutions in the cloud and I don't like any of those either.

And I'm not keen on Wordpress, and Google is getting far too intrusive and money grabbing. I could fall back into self hosting for everything but would I then lose all my viewers? Is this the real heat death of blogging approaching or am I just being overly neurotic?

I feel the same way about most of the big gardening suppliers too. Unusually this year I've bought goods from several of the market leaders and they've all let me down in some way. Orders are changed without notice, deliveries held back or lost in transit, prices are changed or payment methods are unsatisfactory. (I don't use Paypal either).

So, for this purchasing season I've decided to stay small. I bought flower seeds from Higgledy Garden a couple of weeks ago and although I've not had time to sow them yet, delivery was quick and efficient and my expectations are high.  Higgledy specialise in flowers for cutting and I'm hoping that next year we'll be having a much more colourful time on the farm.

I'll be looking out for other small businesses to meet my needs too and hoping to get some extra fun via the seed exchanges - and yes, I promise I'll go live with my own swaps soon.

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Robert Brenchley said...

I avoid big seed supliers as much as possible. If I do buy seeds, it's normally from people like Thomas Etty, Real Seeds or Plants of Distinction. Mostly I get it from swaps these days, and save my own as much as I can.