Sunday 6 July 2014

Just a week

Flower heads on the burdock

Been away for a week dealing with things and the differences when I got back were substantial. We now have baby beans on the Starley Road Red and Hutterite Soup plants, the Corsican runner beans have reached the top of their supports and are flowering and forming baby beans profusely and the chicory has started to flower.

ridge cucumber
Ridge cucumbers flowers and fruit 

The pickling cucumbers have started to fruit, I took the first courgette - a yellow one - and the pumpkins and shark's fin melons are beginning to extend their vines. All the peas are flowering now but like the tomatoes I've lost the labels. Just have to wait and see what we've got.

runner bean 'corsican'
Runner bean 'Corsican'

I was convinced that the Corsican runner bean that came from the HSL this year would be our old friend, the Spanish White aka Fagiolo di Spagna Bianco but now they're flowering I'm not so sure. I'm going to have to dig back through the photos and see if I can spot what seems different about them. They're growing very well whatever they are.

beetle on carrot flower
Soldier beetle on carrot flower 

We have quantities of these cheerful looking beetles, Rhagonycha fulva,  all over the garden. There are now far more Meadow Brown butterflies than any other sorts but I'm hoping that after the last two days of heavy rain new arrivals will join us and have their pictures taken.

All in all, very good but it's time to spray against potato blight again as all this warm wet weather is perfect for it to develop.

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