Wednesday 15 July 2015


Another picture heavy post for you.


I was going to picture and explain each variety of tomato in excruciating detail but life's too short and  I need to spray the spuds for blight. Above we have Clibrans Victory, which I have to say look pretty ordinary at this stage, not far removed from the Amateur or a Money Maker but I'm sure the victory is in the eating. The Wladecks are making beefsteak sized toms, looking good.

The Gezahnte B├╝hrer-Keel have set well but they really don't like hot temperatures and most of the first fruit have blossom end rot already as do the Harry's Plum. I've taken some measures that seem to be working - more food and water, plenty of ventilation - but suspect these varieties really need to be outdoors or at least in an airy polytunnel. The little greenhouse gets too hot.

Surender's Curry aren't setting well, again it might be the heat and it might be that I left them bushy and too green to initiate early fruiting. The Tondino di Manduria in the greenhouse are o.k. but the plants outdoors look better.

greenhouse cucumber in the garden

Another greenhouse plant doing well outside is this F1 cucumber. It's planted in the bean trench in the middle of a bean pyramid and seems to love it. Courgettes used as fillers for other bean pole constructions are enormously vigorous which may eventually prove to be a problem but it's nice to see such healthy growth.

first french beans

The very first dwarf French beans are forming. These are allegedly a yellow podded sort for eating green, the drying beans are a few days behind.

vila vila 4 in the garden

There are vila-vila (Litchi tomato) all around the garden and they're doing well, very floriferous and spiny. One plant of six has slightly blue flowers but this seems to be a temperature related variation that the plants in colder conditions can exhibit. No fruit yet, it'll be interesting to see if they're worth growing for eating.

Butterflies tomorrow, all being well.

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Can't wait for spiny tomatoes