Monday 22 August 2016

Butterflies on Monday

Seems I was wrong about the last day of summer - we've been granted another three days this week. So here are some butterflies and stuff.

sooty copper grass
Sooty Copper

Quite a lot of these about which was nice, some on the tansy and some on the mint. They can be hard to identify and I'm not 101% sure about this one because the female common blue is often brown, but I think this right.

meadow brown tansy
Meadow Brown

When I planted the tansy I imagined it would be an insect magnet and much appreciated by them. That's not been the case rather disappointingly and it smells nasty too but today in glorious sunshine after a couple of days of imposed famine by high winds it was meeting a need.  The Meadow Browns are reliable grass loving butterflies all through the summer although their demure brown fades out as the season progresses. The tansy was attracting lots of flies too, some hoverflies, some ugly flesh eating ones. The pictures of those weren't good, so I've spared you.

silver washed on tansy
Silver Washed Fritilliary

These lovely big butterflies are some of our most frequent species here, although they tend to get a bit tatty as they age. They're not usually fans of the tansy either, preferring the top of the buddleia or bramble flowers in the forest margins but today was special, obviously.

common blue
Common Blue

If the coppers can be difficult to identify then so can the Blues. This Common Blue looks quite like many of the blue butterflies we get, particularly at speed. However, the clue is in the name, so without other evidence I'm quite happy to identify this one, and he's a boy too because his colours are so bright.

holly blue on tansy
Holly Blue

The Holly Blues could just as easily be called Ivy Blues but for some reason they're not. These are quite distinctive, paler, just a little light spotting on the underwings and they nearly always rest with their wings closed upright.

small copper tortoiseshell tansy
Sooty Copper female and Small Tortoiseshell 

How I'd love to see the Large Tortoiseshell but we don't seem to have them here. We have an abundance of small Tortoiseshells though and they are enjoying life in August very much. The picture below shows a caterpillar nursery of them on some nettles. There are lots and lots there but some will be lost to predators and weather. Even so, they look set for a good year again next year weather permitting.

nest of caterpillars nettles
Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars on nettles

rose chafer tansy
Rose Chafer

I think these are the prettiest of the beetles and have to take their picture whenever I see one. The larvae live in the roots of brambles (and roses) but I won't hate them for that.

red admiral buddleia
Red Admiral on Buddleia x weyeriana

The Red Admirals are fairly snooty butterflies until the plums drop and they become drunken sots rolling around on the ground sucking up all that fermenting deliciousness. They'll put up with the less intoxicating flowers of the buddleia but none of them fancied the tansy this morning.

green veined white mint
Green-veined White

Mint is another excellent plant for attracting insects. The Green-veined White is another opportunity for a misidentification since the Wood White is very similar but despite the bleaching in this slightly over exposed photo I'm sticking with my id for this one.

jersey tiger kitchen window
Jersey Tiger moth

Not a butterfly but a moth and despite its day-flying habit this photo was taken around midnight last night. It's nice to see the underwings at full stretch but I turned the kitchen light off after I took this picture so the poor thing could get some rest.


Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the butterflies again! No Sooty Coppers yet in this Brittany garden, nor Short-Tailed Blues...but I did see my first ever Large Tortoiseshell earlier this year. Hope the Oca is growing well?

Catofstripes said...

The oca is fine, if holding its breath waiting for cooler weather. But deer are hungry beasts and have made another raid.

Very jealous of the Large Tortoiseshell. Do you have the lovely voilet carpenter bees?

Catofstripes said...

voilet? violet!