Wednesday 18 April 2018

A late spring for the broken hearted

leafing up

Yesterday the weather finally became spring like. The leaves are just showing green on the beeches and the oaks are beginning to colour too but we are about two or three weeks later than last year. It's been so wet that even getting prepared for the season has been delayed which means it will be hard to catch up very well.

xtal buckeye

The buckeye is just bursting into glorious colour, hopefully there will be no frost to damage these tender leaves.


There is a fairly large herd of deer roaming around, we've seen them across the land in various places. They are probably pregnant does gathered in a group to avoid predators and give protection at a vulnerable time. Luckily they've not needed to strip my fruit trees this year which is a relief.

muddy little car

I have a new car, this rather cute little 4 wheel drive. I've needed it in the muddy conditions here.
But what of the garden I hear you ask...

It's there. I have seedlings finally, the polytunnel is recovered. The oca are being planted and beds dug, but it's such a struggle. This might be our last year here and the sorrow that causes affects everything. I'll try to document this last season as well as I can.

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