Sunday 6 May 2018

Spring proper


The May blossom is out, has been for a couple of days and I think that probably shows the seasons and weather are now in agreement. There have been years past when the weather has been more clement and the blossom still hasn't shown until the 8th or 9th. So, although our swings have been more violent so far this year the equilibrium seems to be maintained.

spring map

Still very few butterflies but it was good to catch this Spring Map on the land cress. I've seen a few around in the last week but only this one stayed still long enough for accurate identification.


A wood is a wood is a wood. This picture which so closely resembles the header shot taken 12 years ago is in another part of the 2000+ hectares of the forĂȘt de Cerisy which enfolds us on its south western boundary.  It is so very beautiful.
raven in wood

I took the cats for a walk through the trees. I've never had cats that enjoy going for walks so much and every time I set out for a meander one, two or all three will join me, racing around and tearing up trees (Raven told me she was stuck, luckily within my reach even if she was lying) and jumping the stream with me. The woods are particularly enticing for them, I suspect they don't venture in far on their own but trust me to see off anything nasty. 


And the first flowers on the elder are showing.

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