Saturday 3 June 2006

Boxes (for packing)

Still not packed. Oh well, it's not that important.

We have decided we need more boxes. So it's a trip out to Ikea (excuse, what excuse?) to buy some cheap plastic stackers so that I can organise the load for the van. We're not going to be able to take much more than our bedding and the cat animal in the load for Monday evening.

I've never done the Eurotunnel in a car before, only the train once to Brussels. It will be a new experience but I'm not 100% looking forward to it. A lot of driving with a noisy passenger, overnight because it's so much cheaper.

Last night, a farewell dinner at Tas at London Bridge. Nice food, incredibly noise as expected. My throat is sore and conversations were nearly as stilted as those in clubs. I understand how it will be to be 104 and without my hearing. After repeating the same thing 42 times how relieving it must be to be to announce loudly "I'm a 104 years old, you know" and leave it at that.

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