Friday 30 June 2006

Where do I begin?

It's been over three weeks since I blogged - and there's been so much to report I'm not sure that I can do it justice or make it interesting enough to create a full retrospective, so today's blog will be today's events and I'll try to wrap up some back issues in neat bundles over the next few entries.

It was the final day of Paul's holiday, the weather is fantastic and forecasts show it becoming hotter and hotter over the next few days with a possible maximum of 36C next Tuesday. This is probably too much for comfort but luckily the house is cool inside without the need for air conditioning so the cat and I will just rest quietly and wait for the inevitable thunderstorm.

In a last minute rush we moved the bed upstairs, rotovated a patch of ground that Alex had loosened up for me while he was here and tidied away some of the toys used for the party. Then it was time for a trip to the airport at Maupertus and the flight to Southampton. The most direct route is via the D24 through Valognes but the road is narrow and windy and on the way back I took the faster roads into Cherbourg and back out again which saved some time and my nerves. Paul is now safely back on earth although he described the landing as a barely controlled crash. He might use the service again.

It is odd to be alone again after such a visitor packed couple of weeks. My next scheduled guests are not due until the 19th or so of July. It will be interesting to see how I cope with such prolonged isolation.

No photos for the time being - I must continue chasing up broadband before I can easily upload and link to my own photos but there are a few party pics at Mym's and Chris's flickr sites.

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