Wednesday 5 July 2006



Last night we had another tremendous thunderstorm - just over the house and lasting in all about 3 hours although the centre probably didn't stay immediately overhead for more than 15 minutes or so. There was thunder and lightning continuously, like a bad old black and white movie with no chance of counting elephants or anything else to estimate the distance the storm was from here. I could hear the zip of the lightning before the light came at the same time as house shaking claps of thunder and torrential rain. Actually the rain, although very heavy indeed wasn't quite as drenching as the storms we had a couple of weeks back when as well as flooding under the front door there were puddles in the attic and a substantial flow down the brick chimney at the far end of the building. I was worried in case the electricity went but luckily everything stayed in place, including the phone line which is a relief.

It rained most of the morning but has been dry and warm this afternoon. I can hear distant rumbles from the south and the clouds are building up again. It's not a cheering prospect.

Paul and Lyn have both told me of the storms in the U.K. which sound horrid, but we had them here first!

This afternoon I girded my loins and went dechetterie hunting. Just as my lady at the Mairie said you take the road to Tessy sur Vire leaving from the Intermarche, but that's not the only direction you need. Luckily some signs were available and I found the place fairly easily. There is a height barrier to stop vans and commercial tippers getting in, the inevitable glass and plastic recycling bins and a place for batteries and then everything else gets tipped over the edge, just like an Irish tip. There didn't seem to be any toters. One chap there to oversee and give a hand. He seemed a bit frazzled as there was another Brit there when I arrived, backing a trailer load of I don't know what towards the precipice. Anyway, I chucked my three bags into oblivion, nearly totalled a French driver on the way out (he was charming about it!) and came home via M.Bricolage. Only another seven bags from the party to go.

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