Monday 4 December 2006

Going Nowhere

festive cake

I've been back from France for a month now, and beginning to get twitchy.

We planned to make another trip at the end of November but the difficulty of placing the cat for a short break, the weather, depression all combined and we didn't get it sorted in time. Now in the run up to the midwinter break all our weekends are booked for gladly anticipated meetings with friends in the UK but that means another three weeks before I can see my home from home again.

In the meantime we're trying to keep busy here, redecorating rooms left untouched since we arrived nearly 8 years ago now so that the abominations of DIY left by the previous owners can be removed and the place returned from a badly executed Changing Rooms folksy style back to the simple fixings of a budget Seventies estate build. Clean and plain is good. Faux Victorian skirting boards and wonky picture rails are not.

And I've made a cake for the midwinter festival.

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