Monday 11 December 2006

Strangely blue


One of the last pictures I took before leaving France, the moon through the pear tree with a mist rising.

We're going back to France for the holidays - must get on and book that - so I suppose some of my mood can be attributed to the stress of the travel looming. Really want to get back there but this time it will mean sacrificing seeing the family because nobody seems to have time to join us.

I'm a bit worried about the prospective state of the place. Each time it rains the water comes in under the front door and puddles in the inner hall. There has been so much rain in the last month it's a frightening prospect. The wind has also been very strong and even though the place has clearly stood several hundred years of weather I can't help feeling pessimistic.

We'll be able to find out if the cider worked too. That should be good for a laugh.


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Keif said...

I would come and visit, but my passport has been soaked again, and is even more untravellable on. I'll come and see you as soon as I can =)