Tuesday 30 January 2007


Planted some seeds yesterday. Not really for France but for the greenhouses in NP.

So far, I've put in some 'Lemon Drop' and 'Dedo de Mocha' chilis, some small leaved basil, tomatoes 'Salt Spring Sunrise' and 'Scotland yellow', 'Mammoth' onion seed, aubergine 'Szechuan' and some mixed abutilons. They are in a heated propagator and I take a peek every time I pass by.

We have quantities of seeds and each year I swear I won't buy any more for a year so that the older ones get used up but I'm a sucker for interesting varieties and there are so many places that supply fascinating seeds that I can't stop myself.

This year I have already ordered and received seeds from Realseeds who are great for chilis and south american crops like amaranth, the HDRA heritage seed library and have plans to get caper seeds from Chiltern Seeds, not to mention nipping into Lidl for their incredibly cheap seed packets of regular essentials like carrots and annual herbs. Another great seed supplier is Tuckers and I may be buying some more pumpkin seeds from Chase Organics since they are stocking a new favourite of mine Cucurbita Moschata 'Muscade' a really productive green/bronze squash with really thick orange flesh, almost sweet enough to eat raw that stores well. The only problem is that each fruit is much too big for two people and we nearly always end up wasting half of each one.


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