Tuesday 6 March 2007

A trip to Ireland


So I've finally bitten the bullet and organised myself a couple of days in Leitrim so that I can instruct agents, solicitors and utility providers that the house MUST be sold.

After much agonising my travel plans are the cheapest I can find - train through from Milton Keynes to Dublin and a cheap hire car after that to make my way across country to Ballinamore and our poor old house. It's not the fastest journey but for £52 return and no airport taxes or airport stress it's got a lot going for it. You can find out about trains to Ireland here

More on this absolutely thrilling expedition when I've been.

In the meantime I've also been helping out the woman formerly known on this blog as the 'cat lady'. She's now turned her attention to rehoming dogs and after wasting rather a lot of time on a web site design for her that I felt was elegantly coded and she didn't like I ended up pasting her new content into the old cat design and changing the pictures. Which is o.k. but makes me feel strangely displeased.

A good deal of my irritation comes from having to interact with her chosen domain name provider and hosting service. The hosting ftp is just as flaky as it was before - and I did ask her not to use them again, and the domain name reseller user interface is opaque. They really don't want people messing with their setup. Anyway, it seems to be done now and the results are here. Compliments on a postcard please but if you don't like it don't tell me, I'm just holding it for a friend.

And of course, if you can home a dog in the UK or France or offer financial support do contact them. It's a never ending battle.

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