Friday 16 March 2007

Trying to keep up

Having promised to get on with a square metre plot way back I've achieved very little in that direction. Today is the day I've decided to go out and make a start in the back garden in NP for a single bed in this country. All plans for France are currently on hold because of the sick cat.

This sq. metre will have to be fenced too, not because of deer but to stop cats using it as a toilet. I plan to make the frame from planks from an old door we have replaced in the house but I'm not sure what my pegs/corner joints/fence posts will be made from yet. It will be necessary to explore the garage to find out what's available. The weather is beautiful and when this blog is finished I'll have no excuse not to go and get on with it.

My early seedlings are looking a bit weedy. There are frequent experiments showing that early plantings have little advantage over seeds planted in late March - exceptions I've found to this are petunias (and I'm too late for them now I think) which start so tiny that they really need all the time you can give them and celeriac, although nothing I do to these will make the football sized roots one sees in the supermarkets. I'm reluctant to start quantities of anything for transplanting though even though it makes us vulnerable to missing the sowing window altogether. With our next trip some time away and space in the vehicles always at a premium the transportation difficulties will be immense.

Among the seeds I planted last time were some seville orange pips. There are now 15 little trees coming along which I hope to bring to a decent size even if I do have to build an orangery for them. Today I plan to plant some pomegranate seeds, not the miniature hardy one but from a full sized fruit. It will be an interesting experiment but with global warming going as it is it may even be possible to grow these outside eventually.

The cat is now back from the vets. The 'bland' food they provided was rejected with some force so he's currently existing on fish fingers and fun crunch fed from the hand. It's not an adequate diet. More worryingly still, since coming home he's developed a sneeze and we're worried he's caught something from the hospital. Still he's happier in himself and nearly as demanding as usual.


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