Thursday 24 July 2008


I'm hoping that by the time this is posted we'll be back at the farm.

A short break in the UK is about to end and the worst bit about it is the travelling. Although it's possible to get from door to door in less than seven hours with a following wind and clear traffic on the UK side (French roads are rarely congested except in August) it is usually a much longer slog than that.

This time we're doing it in two stages, stopping along the way for a very quick visit to a relative before heading off unfeasibly early to the Chunnel to catch the train to France.

After that it's a long drive from Boulogne back to the forest. Usually we have the cat with us - it's going to be so odd without him - but this time we're free to explore and stop along the way if we so desire.

I'm not sure this will actually happen, we once did Californian wine country, 12 hours in the car and we didn't stop once. The next destination always seemed more important than the one we were passing. On our journey this time I'm sure the need to get back home and find out how things are will override any desires to do the tourist thing.

And my usual uncomfortable anticipation of travelling is setting in. Oh dear. Must go and pack.

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