Sunday 27 July 2008


We've been back a few days now but little progress has been made on recovering the vegetable patches from overgrowth and weeds.

Return to the veg patch

I have done a couple of hours weeding and this evening I got out the lawnmower to start the long process of catching up on lawns that have been untouched for nearly six weeks. Luckily in some respects it's clearly been exceedingly dry for much of the time and the grass is in no way as long as it might have been if left for that period earlier in the year but it's still enough to stop the mower in its tracks on a regular basis.

We harvested the garlic. The plants from last December had been left too long, the stems and outer sheaths have decayed away and there is nothing left to string them with, even the bulbs are splitting into individual cloves. The spring planted row has got terrible rust and the bulbs are small. We may be able to string them using the dried foliage but will we run the risk of carrying rust spores over into another season?

As I speak, there is very little sign of blight on the potatoes or tomatoes. I think I will spray the toms tomorrow morning, early, as rain is expected later in the day which may bring blight spores over from the Channel Islands. The potatoes are now ready to harvest so I won't spray those but cut back many of the haulms on the finished varieties and keep my fingers crossed for the lates, Pink Fir Apple and Highland Burgundy Red. I plan to lift everything in the next couple of weeks anyway.

The dog is still with us. Her final chance will come tomorrow when I take her to the vet to see if she has been chipped, and if so whether her owners can be located. If not, I will have to take her to whichever refuge will have her. At this time of year they are all over full already from the callousness of owners anxious to take their holidays without the cost of kennels. Anxiety over this has already ruined the few days Paul and I were hoping to spend together here before he goes abroad on business, so wherever those bastards are, I hope a speedboat removes their arms and the genitals of their children.

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