Wednesday 10 September 2008

New Tools

Sad in a way, the new tools of which I speak are of the electronic variety but I am very excited about my brand new tiny little Aspire 1. It is so cute and light that I need never be out of touch on the road again. There are some issues of the Linpus operating system that I need to work out but mostly it's perfect.

sweet chestnut
A picture of Sweet Chestnuts

That's it for now really, more later, when I've finished rendering some more tomatoes into ketchup!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new Acer Aspire purchase, I've been looking into these myself recently and the Acer Aspire seems to be the do I want white or blue...

Catofstripes said...

Hi fuzzlewoof,

I had the white one, seems to be the right choice!

Anonymous said...

Yes White it will be for that mac look though I see talk of a larger battery version soon so I might hang on, but knowing laptops something is always around the corner

Catofstripes said...

It's always jam tomorrow in computing.

If you're not great with linux the linpus can be frustrating, Acer have nobbled a lot of stuff and made it quite difficult to customise the desktop.

These three sites have been really helpful:

Macles to install FF3

The Apire One user forum

Ten Tweaks which gives you some ideas as to where work is needed.

I'm still struggling to get a desktop shortcut working for a legacy program which runs perfectly well under Wine but seems to resist working from a link on the desktop. Probably my fault, but it's not at all intuitive how to make this work.