Thursday 12 February 2009

Kitten Diary #1

This is blogging at its finest - online diary keeping as a aide memoir for the progress of the kittens.


The kittens had already received initial vaccinations for Feline enteritis and leukaemia when we took them from the RSPCA. We should really have taken them back to the vet's last week for the second part boosters but the weather was so bad with snow and ice that I couldn't face the drive. The weather today was still pretty poor but at least the roads are clear and Paul was able to take us in his car, a much more reliable starter in cold weather.


It wasn't too late for the boosters and the vet also gave them the once over for general health. Rook has been being a sick cat this week, throwing up once a day for the last three days. I think this is due to worms as he is cheerful enough otherwise, although a bit sleepy and clingy. He's also lost some weight which is more worrying than the puking.

They have all been dosed with Panacur for worms. The medication comes in a syringe to be squirted into their mouths. Crow and Raven took their medicine bravely but Rook, the little beast, spat his out and nearly airlifted himself off the table with disgust. I'm guessing he did this before which is why he seems to be more badly affected with parasites than the others. We have to give a further two doses to each to them on consecutive days, I'm not looking forward to this.


They'd had no breakfast before we left for the surgery so all three were starving when we got home. The vet had recommended that Rook have bland food for a couple of days to help his stomach settle - easier said than done to give separate diets to hungry kittens. I put Rook in the kitchen and fed the other two in their room. Rook was so hungry that he'd finished all of his portion in time to go and elbow Crow away from the remainders of his. I don't think there's all that much wrong with him.

More updates in a month or so, by which time they should have had their rabies injections and be started on the path to being passport holders.


ICQB said...

Hope you got the extra doses of meds delivered without incident.

Rook, Crow and Raven are too cute.

Soja said...

How wonderful - you have cats in your life again! They are beautiful and I love their names. I hope the puking stops soon. I think my cat would shred me to pieces if I had to squirt anything in her mouth - she's not the most laid-back amiable little cat. Still, she has her moments.