Wednesday 6 May 2009

False Starts and Great Expectations

here comes the sun

The sun finally came out again at 4.30 p.m. today. Despite my hopes on the First of May there was not a chance of outdoor fucking in the chill grey limbo of the last five days. It has to be admitted, it was so disappointing I've barely done anything useful at all while waiting for normal service to be resumed. The worst thing is, the weather forecast isn't very good for next week either, and as usual it's much easier to believe a bad prediction than remember how often good predictions fail.

The potatoes, the little darlings, have popped their heads up for a look. As soon as they're all there I'll be giving them a quick earthing up. I'm not sure it does much for yields but it certainly stirs the weeds about and sets them back to ground zero.


I'm rather proud of this picture of apple blossom although it looks like nothing in small so if you're able click through to see it bigger on flickr. It's not all good news in the orchard, now that I've finally finished the walk round I've discovered two more trees down completely and large limbs broken from a couple of others. There were some strong winds over winter, clearly. The fallen trees, which are struggling on, will be the first candidates for the grafting exercise when the root stocks arrive.

bay flower

If the weather stays reasonably cheerful for the next two days I might have a chance to catch up with my schedule for seeds and planting but the cold has done more than keep me indoors by the computer, it's been holding up seed germination as well.

Soon, a kitten diary, if I can pin them down for long enough to get some pictures. They rather enjoy all this open space and have learnt to use it already.

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