Friday 1 May 2009

Hurray, hurray, it's the 1st of May

I notice from last year's entry that I had lily of the valley in flower by now. I must go out and take a look before it gets dark.

At last the weather has perked up and at least some of the forecasters are predicting a clement next 10 days. It makes such a difference. It's been possible to make a little progress on the vegetables today, beetroot is planted and some beans but more importantly I've been warm!


Isn't that beautiful?

Started the sweetcorn in pots and pricked out some Nicotiana Sylvestris, rather late but hopefully the anticipated warm summer (it's official, even the Met. office have nailed their colours to the mast) will give them a boost and make them give a wonderful show. I don't do a lot of flowers but this year I have a few aquilegia, some rudbeckias and a few french marigolds to dot around. Just as well as it looks like the winter killed all the nasturtium seeds, there's not a sign of one germinating and last year at this time I was pulling them out by handfuls.


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ICQB said...

It is beautiful! I love to pop over to your blog for a visit - and I especially love the kittens.

Happy 1st of May a little bit late!