Friday 11 September 2009

Kitten Diary #10

Where was I? Oh yes, kitten diary tomorrow! We had visitors, the kits and I, and so all normal activities were suspended for a while.

Although they were pretty shy of the strangers they got over it fairly quickly and managed to make new friends and fans of my family. They also gained some new working titles. Pictured above, Fatty Birdkiller, a name I feel has some Viking resonances in keeping with the Swedish family connections.

Slinky Stinky was particularly neurotic with the intruders, keeping a watchful eye and even extending his head for a tentative pat only to disappear with legs and tail flying at the sight of anyone standing upright.

Freshly dug earth is always a temptation for cats and the potato patch is no exception unfortunately.

Little Miss Me Me Fluffytail was her usual adorable self and quickly decided that whoever was sleeping in her favourite bed was her friend, which was lucky really.

Now everyone has left and it's just the three of them and me for the next few weeks. Time to tidy up and set things straight for the autumn break. The kits are 10 months old now, too old to be called kittens anymore so this will be the last "Kitten" diary but I'm sure they'll feature in many blog posts of the future.


ICQB said...

The nicknames gave me a real chuckle - Miss Me Me Fluffytail is especially descriptive =^..^=

La BĂȘte said...

Awww. They grow up so fast. It's kind of sad. But also not. Aww.