Thursday 24 September 2009

The hunt


It took a while for the gloom and mist to clear today from up here on the top of the hill, no matter what the Meteo had to say about it. When the sun finally came out it seemed like a good moment to see if any sorts of fungus had started to sprout.

oak tree at the edge

So I headed off to the woods, with a couple of followers.


But when we got there, it was still disappointingly bare of any sort of fungi, one well chewed russula and half a dozen earthballs like the one above. Until we found this.

chewed cep

This would have a been a decent sized mushroom, almost certainly an edible variety of cep although it was so comprehensively eaten it was difficult to tell. No good for supper but at least it shows the season is finally beginning to get underway. Hurrah.

woodland cats

Not that these two gave a damn, they were just enjoying racing through the fallen leaves and pretending they were going to climb 30m tall beech trees. I'm not sure where Fatty Birdkiller is, sleeping it off somewhere comfy no doubt.

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