Monday 29 March 2010

Last Call for Oca

It's been really quiet on the seed and tuber swaps this season. I'm just about to shut up shop for the summer but there are still quantities of ugly but ready to shoot oca in pink, red and white available for anyone who'd like some. All I ask in return is that you cover the postage.

Any takers? They'll be in the compost come next weekend.


Unknown said...

Hi Catofstripes.
Looking at your post of Jan 10th, I reckon your 'red' and 'pink' are distinctly different from my 'scarlet with white eyes'. I'm trying to build up all the varieties I can get hold of for a mass trial. Can I have one or two of each of those two? I already have the white one. I can send you 'scarlet with white eyes' if you are interested. I think different varieties perform quite a bit differently in different conditions. Alternatively I have old late main-crop French black-fleshed potato 'Negresse' if you would like that. Or I can send postage. You can e-mail me through my blogger profile.

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon your posts. I would appreciate any tubers or seeds if there are any available... Been looking for them for ages but had no luck so far. Willing to pay postage etc. I can be contacted at
Many thanks