Sunday 13 June 2010

Mostly pink

from the hayfield

After some days of rain a pleasant interlude. Next week, gales are forecast!

I took a walk around the fields today to see what was there before they're cut for hay - well, they will be cut for hay if ever there's a chance of it drying - and found this double flowered Ragged Robin plant. The sort of thing that might be the starting point for cross breeding to produce a plant for the ornamental garden although really it's pretty enough just as it is.

double flowered ragged robin

Unfortunately I have no control over when the field will be cut so the chances are that there will be no time for this unusual example to set seed, even if the seed would be fertile but perhaps I'll mark it tomorrow, just in case.

We're still well down on butterflies and moths this year compared to others but it was pleasing to see this 5 spot Burnet moth enjoying the buttercups.

5 spot burnet

Brambles, I hate them but the flowers are very pretty and just starting to bloom and who hates blackberries...

bramble flower

I was just too late to catch the stunning sunset last night.

pink sky

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