Wednesday 9 June 2010


Feeling a bit reflective. I've been writing this blog for over four years, and put in three years on the food blog and my energy is low. Is it time to hang up my internet connection in favour of something more intimate and physical? Just why are we all here anyway?

Still, there are always cats;


They're very naughty, have killed quite a lot of birds this spring which distresses me, an inordinate number of rodents which worries me not one bit and wake me more times in the night than a roomful of teething triplets but as cats go, they're not at all bad.


And then there's the wildlife, still wonderful plants and insects to find, photograph and identify. The one that got away today; a marvellous azure blue fly which was feeding with the bumblebees on the welsh onions. By the time I got back with the camera it had gone and I can't find anything like it in any of my books.

There's still the garden, which is slowly coming along. I did more rotovating today so that there will be space for the cucumbers, the golden sweetcorn and some other stuff like amaranthus but I still need to make more space for the rest of the tomatoes, quinoa (almost too late for this I think) and other plants planned for this year. As usual my ambition has outrun my ability to make it all come together.

And then there's the house, not really much improved from when we arrived in 2006. Still, I'm seeing the architect this week. Perhaps things will change.



Anonymous said...

Don't stop either!


Rhizowen said...

You certainly shouldn't abandon your blog - how else will I find out how your gesse tubereuse and ulluco do?