Thursday 23 May 2013

Getting settled

stormy weather

I've been here for a few days on my own now and I'm trying to build a routine. Unfortunately, just like last year, the weather isn't contributing much to my health or happiness. It's cold. Sometimes wet, windy at the moment but consistently cold. Not sure if this is much different to the averages for this time of year but it feels worse than I remember, or maybe I'm just much weaker this year.

Still, I have quite a lot of the potatoes planted now and managed to womanhandle the rotovator around another patch this morning to prepare it for the last six rows of spuds and some sweet corn.  I brought the corn from a nursery in the UK a few weeks ago but it's still hiding in the greenhouse waiting for better times.

I've planted some bean and pumpkin seeds too, not up yet but they've only been in the propagator a couple of days, they need more time.

We've had a light harvest of asparagus, the strawberry bed is looking good, rhubarb and Good King Henry is in abundance and there really doesn't seem to be much to worry about.

Oh, and we have builders working on an improved dairy so that it can become a new utility room and the tractor shed for improved weather proofing there. It's all good.

rural view

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